What I'm Wearing // Pearls in my Hair


I know we're all familiar with the ever so fabulous Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess! One of their more recent style posts had me totally inspired by Emmas headband! Its so delicate and pretty that I had to try making it myself! I'm so please with how it turned out, so I wanted to show you guys! I also thrifted these boots that I am one. hundred. percent. in. love. with. :) Happy happy!


I love it when projects turn out exactly how you planned! :) On another note, my hair is getting really long, do you guys think I should cut it? 

Much LOVE, Lauren

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DIY // Boho Knuckle Rings


Happy Wednesday! I'm not totally sure if knuckle rings are still "in", but none the less, I absolutely adore the chevron knuckle rings I made and I was in the mood for some more bling!! Hola!! Okay, I dont know why I just did that.. But anyways, here's how I made some bohemian inspired knuckle rings with a bit of wire and some broken jewelry I already had!


You'll Need: Wire, pliers, something round, some jewelry pieces from old necklaces or other broken accessories.  


Step One: Wrap your wire multiple times around your round object to create a spiral.  


Step Two: Use your pliers to cut the circles that you've just created. These will be your rings. 


Step Three: Using your round nose pliers, create two loops at either end of the wire. Then slip on your jewelry pieces, like beads or wire designs. Then use your pliers to close the two loops.


Finished! They're so fun to wear, and I just love having all these dangling rings! There's something about wearing lots and lots of rings that I just love! Jazz hands!! 

Much LOVE, Lauren

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My First Roll of Film!


I picked up the photos from my first roll of film today and I am beyond pleased!! Actually, scratch that, I'm kind of blown away and its seriously made my whole day better! It took me a while to fill up a whole roll of film because I really wanted to take pictures of things that I love and not just snap 20 pictures of Ginger (which is totally something I would do). Film photography has just become a huge passion of mine and I cant wait to experiment with it even more! Big shout out to the amazing Lucie, for answering many of my photography questions!! :)  


Gahh, I'm so pleased with them!! :) I love the lost art of film, so happy I finally got into it! 

Much LOVE, Lauren

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What I'm Wearing // Balloons!


Well good morning! I was wearing this little outfit while taking some pictures for some of the local graduates here and I drove past this really rustic, industrial part of town that looked perfect for photos! I even had balloons in the back of the car from the shoot along with my tripod, camera and remote, so obviously I had to do a little outfit post! :)

I thrifted this dress and it has become my new favorite! It reminds of Zoey Deschannel in New Girl, which I'm feeling totally deprived of lately! I just want some Schmidt! Any other New Girl fans out there? 


Who even needs shoes, am I right? 

Much love, Lauren

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How-To // Twisted Messy Bun


My hair has gotten so long. I dont even know how it happened, but I've been having fun styling it lately! This is my favorite way for the summer since updos help keep you cool, while looking cool. Okay, that was terrible. But in all seriousness, its a fun, slightly messy but classy way to put your hair up, and I kind of love it! Here's how you can do it! (with out bobby pins too!) 


 ∆ONE: start with washed or day old hair. ∆TWO: wrap a headband around your head. ∆THREE: start by taking strands of hair and wrapping them around your headband. I find its best to use your thumbs to pull it around and through. ∆FOUR: do this on both sides of your head until they meet in the middle at the back of your head. ∆FIVE: gather your hair in a messy sort of way and secure it with an elastic. Since I have so much hair, I have to use two elastics. ∆SIX: tuck any loose strands back into the elastic and voila!!

So easy right! :) Plus, this also curls your hair as well!  

Anyways, happy sunday! :) 

Much LOVE, Lauren


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